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Millions of metres of dangerous cabling

Gareth Leece
By Gareth Leece
Way way back in 2010, a discovery was made.
Millions of metres of dangerous cabling
Atlas Kabo, a Turkish company that thankfully is now no longer in business, was found to have sold 11 million metres of cabling in the UK, cabling that due to an inadequate amount of copper content, posed a potential fire risk.

Why is this still relevant 8 years later? Well, after initial investigations and reactions from the HSE and Basec, approximately 7 million metres of this dangerous cabling was recovered. The trouble is, that means 4 million meters of cabling is still unaccounted for and it was still found on sale in stores as late as 2013! That amount of cabling is enough to fully rewire around 8,000 homes according to this BBC article written just last year, so this is no small problem.

That means businesses working in older buildings that haven’t been rewired since 2013 or had the electrics tested, could be working in a very dangerous place. Many commercial buildings could be at risk of fires from faulty electrical cabling.

What can you do to make your business safe from electrical cabling problems?

First and foremost, you must make sure electrical cabling, electrical equipment and electrical installations are well maintained. Some signs that can indicate electrical issues or indicate there are safety issues are:
  • damaged plugs and connectors
  • loose or unsecure cabling
  • cabling repaired with tape
  • visible wires where you wouldn’t expect them
  • burn marks or stains near electrical equipment or cables
Second, if you do spot any of these signs, or you’re aware of an electrical fault or problem you must get a competent person to do the repair work. That means bringing in a fully trained and experienced electrician like our electrical cabling experts at Dynamic Networks.

If you’re worried about the electric cabling, then it is also worth employing a professional to run thorough tests and checks to help put your mind at rest. For most businesses, working with an electrical professional to devise a schedule of regular cabling and electrical tests and checks is also advisable, so you can always stay on top of any potential risks.

Worn out, damaged or faulty electrical cabling can not only cause fires but they can also cause electrocutions, so now’s the time to make sure your electrical cabling meets all of the current cabling safety standards. It really is better safe than sorry.

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"David Smith (CEO) and Gareth Leece (COO) have successfully completed an MBO of Dynamic Networks, working with Paul Landsman of Kingland Capital. The MBO provides for a simplification of the Board structure to allow for its continued accelerated growth strategy. The additional investment secured through Kingland Capital provides a significant fund for the Management Team to hire likeminded industry professionals in-line with its hiring plan and also acquire complimentary Cloud Managed Service Providers as they continue their objective to be one of the fastest growing MSP’s in the UK with a strong reputation for quality service. Further announcements to follow."

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