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Could SSDs be the solution to your IT headaches?

The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been the standard storage option for business users' computer infrastructures for years.
Could SSDs be the solution to your IT headaches?

Most business desktops, laptops and servers will have an internal hard drive that stores data.

But, as businesses grow, many of them face 'IT slowdown'. As their data increases in size, processing can become sluggish, resulting in frustrated workers and reduced productivity.

The rise of Solid State Drives (SSDs) offers a solution, by giving business users another data storage option to consider when upgrading their computing infrastructure. SSDs do not use any moving parts. Instead they use flash technology, similar to USB memory sticks. This gives them a number of benefits over traditional HDDs:

  • SSDs save time. They're much faster and don't need to spin or load data as a physical disk does, resulting in load times of seconds, not minutes.
  • SSDs are more robust. The lack of moving parts means they can withstand impacts far better than HDDs, making SSD a better option for people on the move (laptop and mobile users).
  • SSDs can deliver cost savings. Industry experts have worked out that the faster processing and lower load times SSDs deliver will result in an estimated total productivity saving of £24,524 over three years per machine for an office worker.

So if your IT is on go slow, talk to your IT company about the benefits of SSD technology for your business, or contact us for more information.

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