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3 good reasons for outsourcing your IT

Take a look at the ‘to do’ list of a business owner, and you’d be surprised just how far down that list IT falls. And yet you’d be hard-pressed to find any business that doesn’t rely on IT in some capacity to aid its smooth day-to-day running.
3 good reasons for outsourcing your IT

So why is it that so many businesses try to manage IT in-house when they could be outsourcing it to the experts?

By bringing in a specialist, companies are making an investment that will reap benefits in terms of their future business success. In this blog, we’ll outline just some of the ways managed IT services can help your business.

Level the playing field

If there’s one thing we believe it’s that, when it comes to IT, every business should be able to compete. Unfortunately, many smaller companies see this as impossible when faced with the extensive in-house support enjoyed by larger businesses, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

By outsourcing their IT, they can take advantage of the same world-leading knowledge and technology enjoyed by bigger organisations, without the ‘big business’ price tag. And, instead of attempting to manage IT services in-house, they can turn their attentions to their business operations, improving productivity and reducing overheads.

Reduce risk

Business risks are different depending on the sector you operate in, but in every sector some level of risk is unavoidable. It’s worth considering that the best IT providers have spent years understanding the risks facing businesses - and staying one step ahead - and are very happy to use this knowledge to help you mitigate risk in your organisation.

Whether its markets, competition, government regulations, IT security, financial conditions or technologies, and no matter how quickly they may change, understanding risk and helping you decide how to avoid it is all part of the job for a good IT firm.

Improve security

With cyber-attacks hitting the headlines a few times already this year, many businesses are concerned, and many are rightfully taking steps to ensure their IT security is up to scratch. Once brought in to manage a business’s IT services, one of the top ongoing priorities for an IT service provider is making sure the business is protected at all times, and that all applications undergo regular updates with security patches applied appropriately.

Managed services will also heighten business security, with monitoring, managed backups, managed firewalls and antivirus provision and, what’s more, an IT firm will take responsibility for keeping all of these things up to date for you, freeing up time to focus on your business.

At Dynamic Networks, our managed IT services include backup solutions, server and desktop management and IT helpdesk support. Allowing us to take over the headache of ensuring business-critical IT systems are fully functional at all times means our clients can get back to making their businesses as successful as possible.

If you're looking for a reliable, experienced and proactive team to take care of all your IT requirements, get in touch with us today.

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Dynamic Networks completes a Management Buyout and commences its acquisition strategy.

"David Smith (CEO) and Gareth Leece (COO) have successfully completed an MBO of Dynamic Networks, working with Paul Landsman of Kingland Capital. The MBO provides for a simplification of the Board structure to allow for its continued accelerated growth strategy. The additional investment secured through Kingland Capital provides a significant fund for the Management Team to hire likeminded industry professionals in-line with its hiring plan and also acquire complimentary Cloud Managed Service Providers as they continue their objective to be one of the fastest growing MSP’s in the UK with a strong reputation for quality service. Further announcements to follow."