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Beating the WiFi traffic

James Baird
By James Baird
For most of us, traffic and noise have become part of everyday life. And, if a regular commute is part of your daily routine, you’ll know how great it feels when you set off that little bit earlier and miss the traffic or find a shortcut nobody else knows about and avoid a queue.
Beating the WiFi traffic

Wi-Fi networks are no exception. More and more people and businesses are connecting to Wi-Fi as they go about their daily lives; which means network traffic is getting busier and busier. 

So how do networks cope? The answer is that a lot of them don’t.

Wi-Fi operates via short range radio transmissions. This means that, in much the same way as CB radios are affected by crosstalk and interference, so too can your Wi-Fi network feel the effects of traffic and noise. This is only going to get worse as the number of Wi-Fi networks continues to grow but you’ll be pleased to hear that, just as there are alternative routes out on the roads, there are also ways and means of beating the Wi-Fi traffic.

Finding shortcuts

What many businesses don’t realise is that there are alternative frequencies – or, to stick with the roads analogy, less busy roads – that can be used to give them better Wi-Fi connectivity. These freeband 24GHZ and 5GHZ frequencies aren’t widely used, which means they experience little to no interference, giving you a more stable and consistent connection.

Ideal for shorter range wireless links (i.e. networks that span less than two miles) or organisations looking to reduce the cost of existing leased lines, these frequencies work very well. A 2GB bi-directional link gives you 1GB of traffic flow in and out of your network, which is more than sufficient for most general business use. And if you’re looking for the ultimate in network stability, purchasing access to licensed frequencies essentially gives you your own private road with uninterrupted bandwidth and fast download speeds.

Our Wi-Fi experts can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your needs. So if you’re experiencing congestion on your network, it’s well worth a health check to see whether we can find you an alternative route. Get in touch today.

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