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The benefits of upgrading to Category 6A shielded cabling

Gareth Leece
By Gareth Leece
Category 5, Category 6, ethernet crossover, twisted pair…
The benefits of upgrading to Category 6A shielded cabling
…the jargon might not mean much to you, but given that data cabling is the backbone of your network infrastructure; getting the cabling right is the key to getting the network performance you need.
Data networks cannot perform well without the right cables and connectors. The evolution of technology and the never-ending demand for higher network speeds, means that cables and components are constantly developing to be able to transmit more data at faster speeds and over longer distances.
This continual evolution means there’s no excuse for a business network to not be consistently operating at optimum productivity. And, as of right now, shielded Category 6A cabling is regarded as a futureproof cable that has become a minimum requirement for many businesses.
So, what are the benefits of upgrading to Cat 6A cabling?
More for your money
Not only is Category 6A cabling capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz, it is also fast becoming the most cost-effective solution for current and emerging applications. This is because it can support higher bandwidths and 10Gbps network speeds of up to 100 meters.
Less talk, more action
Benefits include reductions in pair-to-pair and alien crosstalk as well as substantially improved noise immunity at all frequencies, and especially above 30 MHz when cable balance starts to significantly degrade. The smaller diameter of shielded cables (usually below 0.30 inches) also allows for smaller conduit and pathways than most Category 6A UTP cables, so resulting in cost savings.
Endless advantages
Category 6A and structured cabling products can be used for applications other than voice and data, such as building automation, CCTV, access control and many others. Therefore, the potential to integrate all of these applications on to a single cabling infrastructure is another fantastic advantage.
Category 6A cabling is also the best choice for installing Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. Power over Ethernet is great for supplying electricity to a variety of networking, AV and computing devices without an outlet or adapter, but higher power levels running through a cable can make it hot and increase the chances of insertion risk and even downtime. Because of its larger-gauge diameter, which keeps power waste to a minimum, Category 6A cabling can handle the added heat while maintaining full performance.
If you’re experiencing slow network speeds, it might well be time for an infrastructure upgrade. For advice on cost effective cabling solutions that will speed up your network and deliver the best outcome for your organisation, get in touch with us today.

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