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The new electricity

There was a time when electricity was the most important resource for a business, but today this is no longer the case.
The new electricity
While power is still a base requirement, the lifeblood of today’s organisations is undoubtedly the internet. And, when it comes to the progression of the internet, we are still very much on page one.
Only time will really tell what is possible but, based on what we know now, it’s safe to presume that the internet will remain omnipresent. The ever-increasing interconnectivity of devices has become known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and the sheer scale of physical devices, vehicles and other items that are now embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity - which enables them to collect and exchange data - is staggering.
The amount of data that is moving around online every day is mind blowing, and this rise in online traffic only looks set to continue.
In preparation for the multitude of new ways people are likely to be using the internet in future, every industry is busy reinventing itself to stay ahead of the curve. And, as markets continue to grow and segment, we are seeing more and more products try to avoid commoditisation by reinventing themselves to accommodate ‘deep tech’, where engineering meets scientific discovery, as well as big data.
Big data relates to data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing application software simply can’t deal with them, and the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that big data is currently growing at an annual rate of 60%.
At a national, regional and local level, businesses need to find ways of safely storing and moving all of the data they use on a daily basis, which is why so many are turning to cloud technology to host their data. This saves users having to use hardware to store data, which would drastically slow down their system and make them far less productive, and it also gives companies the ability to cope with and quickly scale up data storage.
At Dynamic, we look after cloud-based data for a variety of organisations: large, small, static and fast growing - so we know everything there is to know about maximum data security and futureproof IT infrastructures.
Our robust data centre offers guaranteed system availability, backed up by comprehensive customer support and the added benefit of affordable scalability, allowing you to ‘pay as you grow’.
If you’d like to know more about how our data services can help keep your organisation running smoothly and safely store your data in today’s increasingly connected world, contact us for more information.

Dynamic Insights & advice

Dynamic Networks completes a Management Buyout and commences its acquisition strategy.

"David Smith (CEO) and Gareth Leece (COO) have successfully completed an MBO of Dynamic Networks, working with Paul Landsman of Kingland Capital. The MBO provides for a simplification of the Board structure to allow for its continued accelerated growth strategy. The additional investment secured through Kingland Capital provides a significant fund for the Management Team to hire likeminded industry professionals in-line with its hiring plan and also acquire complimentary Cloud Managed Service Providers as they continue their objective to be one of the fastest growing MSP’s in the UK with a strong reputation for quality service. Further announcements to follow."