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Dynamic data centre

If there’s one thing we here in Britain should be good at, it is expecting the unexpected.
Dynamic data centre
One has only to experience a single summer on our shores to see that when it comes to being prepared for any eventuality, we really are the experts.

A significant part of our work involves helping businesses plan for the unexpected, and we’re excited to introduce you to our latest initiative to help the organisations we work with weather potential disasters and get their IT systems back up and running as quickly as possible.
We now have our very own on-site data centre, which means that when you store your data with us, we have complete control over its safe keeping. We can now look after cloud-based data in-house for growing organisations that require robust security, secure backups, a future-proof IT infrastructure and total peace of mind.
Don’t get caught out
Data is the lifeblood of many organisations, and it’s vital that it’s properly protected. Not only because you need it to remain operational, but also because losing access to it - even temporarily - could put you in non-compliance with industry or EU regulations, including the upcoming GDPR, resulting in fines or penalties.
As a number of prominent examples this year have shown, disasters can affect anyone and strike at any time, taking out IT systems that companies simply can’t survive without. This is why disaster recovery planning MUST be built into your overall IT strategy. Data centres have a key role to play in any disaster recovery plan, but for many companies the technology may seem unattainable as they struggle to keep costs down.
Our purpose-built, on-site data centre is a fantastic cost-effective option for businesses looking to access the latest technology. And because it is resilient and secure, thanks to state of the art CCTV, fob-entry access control and intruder alarms, our data centre really can give you the best protection possible.
If you’d like to find out more, have a read here or please get in touch!

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