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YPP have done it again!

After the success of their Q1 and Q2 apartment buildings in Leeds and the Gravity Residence in Liverpool, the team at YPP are back in Leeds to successfully launch their latest project: The Oasis Residence, which offers a total of 96 luxury student apartments in the heart of the City.

Now when we say luxury, we mean luxury. These new apartments come with fantastic onsite facilities including a top of the range fitness suite, a private cinema room, an impressive gaming space and a relaxing shared Resident Club Lounge complete with large screen TVs. With so much technology and infrastructure required to make all these luxuries a reality, they needed a reliable and experienced specialist services and automation partner to help make it happen, and that’s where we came in.

To date, we have worked with YPP on a number of projects from the Piccadilly Residence in York, to the Gravity Residence in Liverpool and not to mention plenty of others in-between. With such a long working history together, we know the high standards YPP demand and we know how to meet them and working together on the Oasis Residence was no exception.

For YPP there were two main areas that we needed to get right, if the Oasis Residence was going to meet the exceptionally high expectations of their potential tenants. The first was delivering extensive on-site security and the second, was ensuring the building had great connectivity and market-leading audio-visual capabilities.

To get both of these priorities right, the project started with the design and installation of an extensive network infrastructure and data centre to ensure we could deliver high speed connectivity throughout the entire 96 apartment building. Once that was in place, the rest could follow.

To keep the building secure and the students living there safe we combined an IP CCTV system with comprehensive access control systems throughout the entire building. Intercom panels were installed across all 96 individual apartments as well as across entry points into the building’s communal spaces too, for layered access control. The CCTV was also positioned to keep an eye on these internal communal spaces as well as the building’s outer perimeter, so the security team at Oasis had great visibility of the shared entrances and exits.

When it came to the audio-visual requirements of the building we used a TV IRS distribution system to ensure Freeview and Sky TV could be supplied if necessary, not only throughout all of the individual apartments, but the Residents Club Lounge space too.

We installed dynamic, backlit TVs with consoles for the gaming pod, and in the private cinema room, we took the audio-visual systems one step further. Here we installed immersive 3D audio to provide three-dimensional surround sound and ensured the cinema system was fully capable of supporting the latest video formats including 4K. A bespoke, touchscreen automation panel was also installed, allowing full control of all audio and visual outputs.

Last but by no means least, we also installed a media wall in the building’s main reception area, with bespoke, scaling signage software to add a serious pop of personality to the space and deliver that all important first impression.

Services provided to Oasis Residence

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