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Gaining valuable insight into your business interactions

Today, businesses are confronted with the challenges of exceeding customer expectations, dealing with a highly competitive landscape and increasing cost pressures. Recording and monitoring one hundred per cent of interactions with customers, suppliers and partners are important in gaining actionable insight into customer behaviour, driving increased quality and identifying new trends occurring within your business.

You benefit from an instantaneous recall of recordings related to any given business event, like a customer experience success, report of competitor activities or ordering dispute. By organising and sharing these recordings, you can transform isolated events into part of your continuous improvement system.


With the following benefits, can your business afford not to install call recording on your phone system?

Fact Verification

Fact Verification

Take the heat out of misunderstandings by reviewing exactly what was communicated to your customers.

When things don’t go to plan, the worst position to be in is not knowing what actually happened. With its easy to use interface and CRM integration technology, the call recorder can be used to identify all communication with a specific client in seconds. Once in command of the correct information, disputes can be resolved in a much shorter time, which benefits both the customer and your own efficiency.

In addition to being encrypted using the AES-256 standard, each voice recording has its own unique digital signature. This is used to verify that the call is genuine, has not been tampered with and if required are admissible in court for legal purposes.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Reviewing customer experience and improving employee performance is key to growth and customer retention.

The ability to score customer interactions assists in coaching and setting key performance indicators for employees. Agent scoring gives you the tools to create your own customised score sheets with which you can assess on a variety of topics from greetings, tone and the correct use of information to compliance with internal or regulatory scripts. Monitoring these results over time will ensure that you are achieving the level of customer service your business requires and that key members of staff can be recognised and rewarded.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is now common place, reaching all areas of IT infrastructure.

Any system that can potentially store sensitive information needs to provide security and features to ensure access to data is restricted. This includes call recorder solutions and telephone systems that can be used to transmit and store conversations.

Our recording solutions provide features such as access control, auditing, digital signatures and data encryption that equip your business with the tools to comply with all applicable regulations including PCI & FSA. In addition it is also possible to use stop / start technology to ensure specific pieces of sensitive information are not recorded. When complying with PCI-DSS this gives you the peace of mind that payment card details cannot be searched for or mined.

Staff Training

Staff Training

Although theory is a great way to train staff there is often nothing better than on the job training 

One way that you can provide this is by giving your staff access to call recordings and showing them exactly how your existing staff deal with clients. By using this concept you not only allow them to hear responses in real-time, but you can also teach them about the way that you would like them to respond to telephone calls.

Consistency is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any business and if you are looking to provide a good level of customer service across the board then this is one of the main ways that you can help to provide consistency.

If you’re not sure if call recording is right for your business, get in touch. 

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