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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP – is the term for the technology that sends telephone and video calls over the Internet, as opposed to traditional phone lines. Dynamic uses market-leading software from 3CX to offer advanced VoIP systems, delivered as on-site or hosted solutions.

Our VoIP systems are secure, flexible and scalable - serving organisations of 5 or 5000 users equally well. And our VoIP systems provide both telephone, chat and video conference functionality as standard.


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Future proof telephony 

In 2025, BT will turn off all ISDN and PTSN phone lines. This planned change to technology will make traditional phone systems obselete. All companes will, therefore, need to have transitioned to a VoIP solution by this time. 

If your phone system is nearly at capacity now, you'll want to act quickly! In preparation for a 2025 shut off, BT will stop selling new lines in 2020. This will make the expansion of existing phone systems impossible. Companies will be stuck with their current phone capacity. Migrating to VoIP telephones will now make your phone setup future proof.

Cost savings

By removing fixed telephone lines and replacing them with cheaper SIP trunks, and significantly reducing call costs (compared to traditional telecoms), moving to VoIP telephones, you can expect to save as much as 40% over your existing telecoms solution.
You may be concerned about the outlay for replacing phone hardware, well you don't need to be!. Our VoIP software has the option to allow you to access your telephone system and make calls from your PC with a headset or via your mobile phone with the 3CX app. This can effectively remove the need for a desk phone altogether.

Flexibility and functionality

With the ability to access your VoIP telephone system from a desk phone, your PC or your mobile phone or device, you need never miss a call again. Easy routing means you can take calls when out-of-the-office that appear as if you’re there. This makes our VoIP solution perfect for external working.
If there are times when you are unavailable, users have access to advanced voicemail functionality, with the option for messages to be automatically emailed to them. Alternatively, calls to your phone can be routed to any other phone on your system with ease.


Our VoIP telephone systems are also set to work with popular IP phones, VoIP gateways and SIP trunks out-of-the-box. Should you need assistance adding new desk phones to your system, it’s all part of the service - we can set them up at our office and courier them to you. Once received, just plug in a network cable and you’re ready to go. By doing this, you can give your regional offices or remote workers access to your central phone system. You’ll then get free-of-charge calls to these phones and any others on your network.

We can provide a complete end-to-end solution for VoIP systems including..

  • SIP trunk provision
  • Number porting – use your existing telephone numbers
  • Configuration
  • Installation (including any required data cabling)
  • Training
  • Ongoing support
  • VoIP telephone hardware (leasing and purchase)
  • VoIP video call and conferencing hardware
  • 3CX licenses

To discuss pricing for a VoIP telephone system, or to arrange a demonstration.. 

Get in touch!

Everything you need to get started

As a 3CX partner, we can help get your organisation up and running with VoIP video and telephone calling systems.
We can also supply you with the equipment you’ll need to get the most out of video calling and conferencing. For individual users, this range from webcams, to advanced VoIP phone handsets with in-built video display and camera.
We can also provide solutions for meeting and boardrooms, including microphones and 360-degree cameras that activate based on who is speaking, through to high-quality display screens and projectors.

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Hosted VoIP 

Hosted VoIP phone systems are similar to regular VoIP services in that they provide you with the ability to make calls over the internet and benefit from a range of features. The difference is in how they are delivered to your business, VoIP products that are hosted involve business VoIP solutions experts, such as Dynamic Networks Groups, hosting the service for you over the internet. The great thing about hosting this service is that you never have to worry about updates, software installation, or configuring the service. You simply get in touch with our team, let us take care of it, and before you know it, you'll be able to enjoy exceptional voice quality and other advanced features. Here, we're explaining this service in a little more detail. For more information, be sure to contact us or check out our dedicated hosted VoIP page.
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What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP gives you all the powerful features and VoIP capabilities without having to spend time installing it yourself. Our team will undergo a fact-finding mission to determine what range of solutions are best, before going ahead and installing software that can be accessed by you, or any other employee, no matter where they are, as long as they have a solid internet provider. By working with us, you can jump-start your business's growth by being able to access foreign markets, and new clients, using a cloud voice system 

Offering unforgettable customer experiences

By working with our team you can tap into a variety of features from a range of third-party apps that integrate into your cloud-based VoIP. Enjoy offering unforgettable customer experiences by being able to view data from a range of previous consumer interactions on your next call with them. This high level of customer service will cement relationships with key clients for life because they know that you're able to provide them with a bespoke experience, thanks to the data you've pulled from third-party integrations.

Leave all the work to our team of experts 

Hosted VoIP is fully managed by us - but what does that mean? Well, essentially, it means that you can leave all the back-end, technical stuff to us. This leaves you to just enjoy all the benefits, of which, as we've explained, there are many. We'll proactively look for new features that we think will be of benefit to you and ensure all your systems are updated on-time, every time. This is also an effective cost-saving exercise too because the solution we host for you will always be appropriate for the size of your business, and the number of employees.
Relocation doesn't have to be a problem!

Our trusted VoIP network experts will spend their days fine-tuning your system and are on hand to make any changes as and when they are necessary. Hosted VoIP follows you everywhere, so if you wish to relocate your office to another area, you can keep the geographically relevant number that made you popular, and that your customers use regularly, despite not physically being there anymore. By working with us, you can retain the look and feel of a local business to people, while spending time growing your business in other areas that are going to help increase revenue.

Hosted VoIP versus on-premise: Which is better?

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The benefits of hosted VoIP, as we've touched on, are plentiful. But, when compared to on-premise, which is better? Well, that depends on your business needs, its location, the type and volume of calls you make, and the number of business communication experts you have in-house. In general, though, hosted VoIP is a much more reliable and cost-effective option. On-premise business telephony such as VoIP requires investment in hardware and equipment to make sure things can work. This has the potential to create problems if the installation isn't done right or if unexpected costs arise, such as having to pay for new office space to accommodate the equipment.

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What is the difference between SIP Trunking and VoIP?

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There isn't really a difference as they are not direct comparisons. SIP and VoIP are one and the same in that SIP facilitates the use of VoIP on a wider scale. A good way to think about it is that SIP, and SIP trunking, are always used to support VoIP, but VoIP isn't always created with SIP technology in mind. SIP is just one method that a business can use to scale comms beyond standard phone calls. When thinking about this question, don't think about a direct comparison. Instead, you should question whether a voice-only VoIP is going to serve your business's needs, or if the addition of a SIP is going to help you implement communications more effectively. 
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What happens when I make or receive a VoIP phone call?

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Making and receiving a phone call over the internet isn't that different from making a traditional phone call, in that you speak at one end of the phone, and hear the person's response. If you want to make a call over your new VoIP system, you would head to the app or webpage of the provider, such as 3CX, and type, or copy and paste, the number into the keypad. Then you hit call and speak to the person as normal. For the person receiving the call, they will just see the number pop up on their phone and press answer. The interesting stuff that happens when you make or receive a VoIP call goes on behind the scenes. The technology that is used to create perfect call quality is truly amazing and the fact that it happens in milliseconds makes it even more remarkable. Before you've finished your sentence your voice is being turned into data which is being sent over signals, before being converted back to speech that is understood by the recipient of the call - incredible.

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What equipment do you need for VoIP?

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The only equipment you need for hosted VoIP is a high-speed internet connection, a router, and a modem. That really is it, you don't even really need a phone because 3CX software can be downloaded to a work laptop, allowing users to make calls off their computer.

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SIP Trunks

A SIP Trunk, or SIP Trunking, stands for 'Session Initiation Protocol' and is another VoIP solution that we offer here at Dynamic Networks Group. SIPs provide businesses with a way to convert voice signals into data that is then sent to another VoIP device. The 'trunking' element of SIP trunks is a term that originally referred to a group of physical phone lines that multiple users used to make various phone calls. Today, it refers to virtual links that connect you to the PTSN, via an internet connection. At Dynamic, we can offer SIP Trunks as part of our hosted VoIP services and can save you the time and money that comes with setting up a private branch exchange (PBX) and SIP trunking infrastructure - both of which can be very expensive in the long run.

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How do SIP Trunks work?

It might seem unnecessary but knowing how SIP trunks work is a vital step in understanding whether or not this method of telephony system is best for you. Unlike a standard ISDN line (which, as we spoke about earlier, is due to be switched off in 2025) there is no physical installation of equipment as everything is carried out in a virtual environment, and managed by our team of professionals. The SIP trunk acts as a conduit, therefore there are no endpoints, as a result, data needs to be delivered from one point to another. 

The type of communication doesn't matter! 

Finally, another feature that is often overlooked is that SIPs can be used to exchange other types of communication information such as video calling and instant messaging. In essence, the type of communication doesn't matter because the SIP Trunk turns it into data that is sent to a fellow SIP or traditional phone system. Once a session, or handshake as it's often called, starts, both ends begin exchanging data in milliseconds and providing you with crystal-clear communication, be that over voice, video, or text.

Benefit from instant Return on Investment

With other business solutions, there is almost always a heavy up-front cost, with the promise of future ROI. Installation, labour, and maintenance costs, as well as expenses, can all factor in, making the platform seem not worth your while. Thankfully with this type of VoIP system, you'll be able to instantly see the monthly savings when you compare it to your traditional telephony monthly bill. This kind of clear benefit makes selling this to your superiors much, much easier as it is obvious that this solution makes complete financial sense.


Access logs and reports to measure usage and effectiveness

Employees can spend time on the phone more, instead of wasting minutes and hours looking for a phone number, or asking around to decipher what is the best way to get in touch with someone, be that a colleague or client. Communication is key to business success, no matter what sector you operate in, which is why a SIP trunk is such a beneficial system because, as well as being able to seamlessly communicate, you can access logs and reports to measure the usage, availability, and effectiveness of team members.
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Teams Direct Routing

In the last few months and years, the growth of Microsoft Teams has been exponential, and with the Coronavirus completely changing regular ways of working, this expansion has been even more concentrated. Great for video conferencing, file sharing, and having general conversations, Teams is a fantastic all-encompassing tool. However, to take it to the next level, companies should consider getting in touch with us to discuss Teams direct routing, another VoIP solution that we offer here at Dynamic Networks Group. Here, we look to explain what this service is across a couple of slides so that you're able to see how it can help you.


Which VoIP solution is best for me?

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The best VoIP solution for you depends on your business's needs. Now, while this isn't the most direct answer, it is the most accurate. Before investing, consider all the factors that will be impacted, positively and negatively, by this new telephony system. If you're confused or need help, then feel free to get in touch with us here at Dynamic Networks Group. We can help you think through your company's needs and offer recommendations, based on years of experience, as to what solution, or combination of solutions, is best for you and your team. 

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Can these systems be hacked?

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Like anything that uses an internet connection to operate, there is a risk of hacking, there is no denying that. However, with good online practices by your team, such as having strong passwords, updating operating systems when promoted, and using secure VPNs when out of the office, as well as the help of our experts in the form of proactive monitoring, the chances of being hacked are slim. 

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Will traditional telephony be replaced by these solutions?

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We think so yes, the ISDN switch off that is occurring in 2025 is going to transform the way in which people make and receive phone calls. Soon, the default option will be to use an IP which will see the traditional way of making phone calls shrink to a point where almost all businesses, at least, use VoIP.

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Where to buy equipment for these systems?

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The great thing is that you don't really need a lot of equipment - just a high-speed internet connection. The whole point of VoIP, SIP Trunks, and Teams Direct Routing are that they can be installed, used, and maintained on existing computers.

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