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Your organisation’s virtual phone lines

SIP trunking from Dynamic replaces your traditional analogue or ISDN lines, providing flexibility and scalability whilst producing cost saving efficiencies.

SIP is just one of the possible “protocols” you can use for Voip communications. It is similar to how HTTP functions with pages on the internet, and provides a way to convert voice signals into data that can be decoded by devices used by a caller.

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Unified Communications

From calls and texts, to emails, instant messaging and conferencing, SIP Trunks are the crucial building block in linking an organisation’s multiple methods of communications into one unified solution. 

SIP trunks are capable of carrying more than just voice. This means that there is no need to maintain two separate networks for voice and other forms of media. Generally speaking, a single SIP trunk is often sufficient to serve the needs of any enterprise regardless of size. 


Highly scalable

With traditional enterprise trunks, businesses are generally forced to choose a specific number of channels beforehand. This means they have to estimate their call volume correctly – or they end up paying for unused capacity. 

With a Sip Trunk solution, you can quickly add additional call capacity as your business grows, no need for an engineer to visit site. A few mouse clicks and we can provision new lines instantly.

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Dynamic Service and support  

We'll give you outstanding customer service and technical support as standard, with optional 24/7 support.

Our helpdesk is available to answer any queries you may have no matter how simple or how complicated. In many cases we can support you remotely but when we can't, we can have an expert support technician on site with you in no time.

Number Flexibility 

Number flexibility with SIP trunking means that you can keep your existing number, even when moving out of the area, saving you costs on printed company literature and stationery whilst maintaining the perception that you still have a presence in the area you've moved from.

Why use SIP Trunking?

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This is a great choice for businesses with multiple phone lines.

As you expand your company, more phone lines become necessary. With traditional technology, you would need a different phone number for each line. This option is costly.

It also poses challenges for your office space and requires time to install each new line.

With Session Initiation Protocol Trunking, you can avoid all the extra costs while having the same benefits of multiple phone lines. Trunking uses your existing phone system, but routes calls through the internet instead, so you don’t need to get multiple lines.

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How Does SIP Work?

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This system is an application layer protocol, meaning that it works separately from the transport layer. It’s a very flexible protocol and can be used in tandem with systems like Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol.

This means that the Session Initiation Protocol will initiate the session (hence the name), but another system like Transmission Control Protocol will actually transmit the data.

In short, Session Initiation Protocol works on top of these other IP networks, controlling the initiation, duration, and end of the communication session while other networks do the other necessary work.

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What are the Features?

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One of the great things about this system is how easily it works with various different devices, applications, browsers, and other variables. Today, many business interactions are conducted on mobile devices, and it’s important to be able to communicate across different devices without problems.

All of these modern devices usually have an internet connection, which is what allows this protocol to work with all of them. From transferring files to sending texts to traditional voice calls, SIP can handle it all.

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