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When we say survey, we mean survey

The ultimate goal of a wireless site survey is to work out how many access points you need and where these should go so that you have the right level of signal coverage throughout your entire workspace. To do this, our site surveys cover four key areas to ensure it’s a valuable as possible.

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First, we start with understanding your wireless requirements.

This is vital for identifying the best places to install your wireless network access points. So, if you need super-fast data transfer speeds, we can make sure the range between your devices and your access points is properly calculated. If you need certain technologies, we can also factor that in, so the recommendations we make suit exactly what you need.

Then we’ll investigate your Wi-Fi coverage areas

If your business is based in a large space, spanning multiple rooms, floors and even buildings, then that has an impact on the type of wireless network infrastructure you need. We’ll work with you to establish where you need wireless coverage and where you don’t, so we can plan an installation that avoids wasting time and money investing in coverage where you don’t need it.

Next, we’ll take a look at the infrastructure you already have in place.

We believe in the saying “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. That’s why we take the time to survey your existing network structure as part of our wireless network surveys, so we can establish the current capacity of you existing wiring and where appropriate, recommend connecting this to new access points. This can help save your business time and money, by making the most of what you already have.

Finally, we’ll map it all out.

Our Ekahau survey provides a ground level view of any Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) coverage and importantly it also details current wireless performance during peak and off-peak periods. Using this information, we can design a wireless network that’s tailored to suit your specific wireless needs, boosting connectivity and performance where it’s needed most and ensuring it has the capacity to still perform at optimum levels during your busiest times.

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We’ll take the stress out of going wireless

We know network connectivity is vital for businesses to be able to operate successfully. That means installing and migrating to a wireless network needs to work seamlessly; no disruptions, no down time. At Dynamic Networks, that’s exactly what we do.  The results from our site surveys means your wireless solution is well planned, robust and futureproof so once it’s installed, you don’t need to worry about upgrading or changing it for the foreseeable future. Centralised wireless network management ensures the system is secure, easy to monitor and easy to maintain and our IT support services mean we are always on hand when you need us. 
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